About The Program

A faith-based military awards and mentoring program is impacting many children and youth in a positive way.

We are continually teaching the young recruits that community service is important in shaping them for the future. We want to keep them involved in parades, going to convalescent centers and showing a caring attitude to the elderly, focus on school work and seeing good grades and encouraging them on how to deal with peer pressure, and to let them know that when tempted, to turn away from drugs, gangs and so many negative oppositions that our kids and youth face in these tough times.

The program allows the children and youth to see the benefits and rewards that come with hard work and disciplined training. It has its rewards! It is important to encourage them to keep pressing on and never giving up when the tough challenges come their way. They must be prepared to overcome any obstacle that may come and through the awards program it will build confidence and strong self-esteem. They need to know that they will make it and will be productive in everything they do as long as they do their very best and never give up. This training and awards program will last a lifetime and its greater rewards will be seen in the years to come.

In a world of very few positive role models for the children and the youth of today, it was the desire of Foundation 61 Inc. a non-profit organization to create a program that would bring training, mentorship, discipline and love together with sports, camping, awards and all the fun of a family brought together in balance through the teaching of God’s Word though faith-based curriculum.

TOGETHER we can make a difference.

Marching, learning the basic drill techniques and flag etiquette and creating cadences are a fun part of the recruitment.  Together you can create awesome routines and steps by using creative cadences using lyrics and songs created by the kids themselves. There are competitions during the year in which marching, cadence and drill are presented.  Soldiers is a program designed to teach them the many facets of service to their community, family and God, but too often they are overwhelmed with the do’s and don’ts especially when it comes to God. That is why we let them experience God with the freedom in many different ways; the freedom to serve God through an awards program. You can learn, as you will see in this program by Example. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION HERE