Foundation 61 Inc. a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization is dedicated, focused on bringing purpose, hope, and encouragement to children, youth and families. Recognized by the California State Legislature for the difference made to children by teaching them core values about God, family and country.

Serving as leaders in the community Foundation 61 is always equipping, mentoring and encouraging them to follow their dreams and knowing that together we can all make a difference. It is a focus to encourage the children and youth to dream big and pursue their goals; regardless of their social, or economic backgrounds. “All things are possible for them that believe!”

 Our main objective is to provide mentorship programs that teach integrity, promote self-esteem, service to others and the community providing support with clothing, food, holiday events and other endeavors.

Our Mission

Foundation 61 Inc. is an organization dedicated and focused on bringing purpose destination and hope to the youth and people of our community through development of various programs along with the use of the arts that will impact lives in a positive way. These programs will bring notable changes in the beginning that will last a lifetime. Youth and family outreaches, educational and musical programs, after school, summer, holiday, recreational sporting events and outings; always equipping, mentoring and encouraging the youth and families to be outstanding and productive citizens in their communities.

Get In Touch

If you would like to have an event in your area or would like more information on how to have a program at your church or location, please contact us and together we can make this happen.