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Welcome to Power of Music,

Thanks for visiting my website. Here you will be able to sample my music, read my bio and so much more.

I have produced many great products that will minister to you. In my web store you will find my all my music and books including my latest one, “Gone Up With a Shout, Hearing Beyond the Music.” A book every true worshiper must read.


 Believing above all that music is a universal language and knowing that one can be free by the power of God, through the power of music, it is my soul (sole) mission to take you to a place where God and God alone will change and touch your life in a special way through anointed music. Combined powerful worship and lyrics of truth are mixed with several various music styles to create a unique sound of praise and worship that will inspire every man, woman, boy and girl of all ages to worship the Lord. The powerful strong voice and message will pierce every heart with one purpose alone, and that is to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ through music and ministry. Never to touch God’s glory, but to bring down the sound of heaven that will encourage you and allow the love, healing and deliverance of God to flow through “His” Anointing.

Always believing that one can be,

 Free by the Power of God…

                       Through the Power of Music!

 Click on the albums below and you can listen to music samples. I know that you will be blessed. Let others know about this site and encourage them to come and listen to what God is doing with Power of Music Ministries.